Hat Trick on the Atari 7800

The object in this ping-pong type game is to score the most goals.

At the beginning of the game and after each goal scored there will be a face off. Both players will be positioned in the yellow circle and the puck will come from either the top or the bottom of the screen and move towards the center of the circle. You are able to move your player as soon as the puck appears.

You score a goal by shooting the puck past the goalie and into the net.

You can control your goalie by moving the Joystick Up/Down. The goalie can only block the puck.

Each game lasts two minutes. If the scored is tied at the end of regulation, there will be a 20 second overtime.

Move Player – Joystick
Move Goalie – Joystick Up/Down
Shoot Puck – Left Button