Pole Position 2 on the Atari 7800

The gameplay is identical as the original Pole Position with three additional tracks to choose from: Test , Seaside, and Suzuka.

The cars have a different color scheme, the explosions now show debris, there are several new billboards, and there is a new opening theme song.

There are a few minor graphical differences from the original


When you begin the race, you will have 120 time units (or units of fuel if you want in which you must qualify for the main race.

To do this, you must complete one lap with a time of no more than 73 seconds even. If you
successfully do so, once you complete a lap, you will receive your starting position and bonus points based on how well you did.

If you didn’t qualify, then you can continue to drive until your time runs out. Then your car will stop, you will be awarded 50 points for each other driver that you passed during the lap, and the game will end.

The qualifying times are as follows:

 1 - 58"50 - 4000
 2 - 60"00 - 2000
 3 - 62"00 - 1400
 4 - 64"00 - 1000
 5 - 66"00 - 800
 6 - 68"00 - 600
 7 - 70"00 - 400
 8 - 73"00 - 200