Dropzone on Commodore 64

Dropzone is a horizontally scrolling shooter developed by Archer Maclean, it is a defender clone and an excellent one at it.

The first thing that would impress you was that the scrolling and animation of the main character were great.

The game speed is quick, you have to have your wits about you and there can be multiple things to avoid, shoot or rescue. On harder levels it got even tougher

In the lower part of the screen there is a big radar. There is no music at all, but there were a variety of good sound effects that enhanced the gameplay.

The ranks awarded to players at the end of a game are:

Not Listed – practice recommended
Dextral Dodger
Moon Cadet
Planet Marshal
Planet Lord
Star Warrior
Solar Prodigy
Megastar – mission completed

There are 99 levels of game play, each increasingly difficult. After level 99, the levels repeat starting from level 95.

You start with a group of 8 humans to be rescued, 15 seconds shield time and 3 strata-bombs. You get an extra live and a strata-bomb at every 10.000 points you reach and also 7 seconds extra shield time for each attack wave.

After you reached one million points you did not get any further life or strata-bombs, I never got near that number


Humans – 100-500 points when rescued during an attack wave
Humans – 100-500 points per human that survives the attack wave
Humans – 0 poins if destroyed
Androids – 50 points if shot while they lower with the Planter
Androids – 50 points while they follow a human
Androids – 500 points if shot while they fall from a destructive Planter
Planter – 250 points
Nemesites – 150 points
Antimatter – 150 points
Blunderstorm – 250 points
Spores – 750 points
Trailer – 250 points
Nmies – 100 points
Losing a life – 10 points