Super Monkey Ball on gamecube

Main game

The player about to start a stage during the main game.

The objective of the main game is to guide one of four playable monkeys (AiAi, MeeMee, Baby, and GonGon) encased in a transparent ball across a suspended series of platforms and through a goal.

By moving the analog stick, the player tilts the entire set of platforms that make up a level, called a floor, and the ball rolls accordingly.

If the ball falls off a floor or the in-game timer reaches zero, the player loses one of their three lives.

The main game features three difficulty levels
Beginner, Advanced, and Expert, consisting of 10, 30, and 50 floors each—as well as three modes—Normal, Practice, and Competition.

Party games

The following party games are available:

Monkey Race: One to four players simultaneously race across six courses divided into three difficulty levels.
Monkey Fight: One to four players simultaneously engage in combat by rolling in any direction with the analog stick and using the A button to punch opponents with a boxing glove attached to their monkey’s ball.
Monkey Target: One to four players take turns rolling their monkey down a ramp, launching it into the sky.


The mini-games are based on real sporting activities, but with the player’s ball containing their monkey.

Monkey Billiards: One to two players take turns competing in a game of nine-ball.
Monkey Bowling: One to four players take turns competing in a game of ten-pin bowling.
Monkey Golf: One to four players take turns competing across 18 holes in a game of golf with stroke play scoring, or two players compete using match play scoring.