Spyhunter on the NES

Spy Hunter is a vertical scrolling driving game with the player in the role of a spy driving an armed sportscar. The object of the game is to travel the freeway destroying as many enemy vehicles as possible while protecting civilian vehicles. The game uses top-down perspective.

The game begins with the player driving the fictitious G-6155 Interceptor, which was based on the Isdera Imperator 108i. Various enemy vehicles try to destroy the player’s car or to force it off the road, including a helicopter that drops bombs from overhead. A counter increments the score while the car is moving and on the road. Additional points are earned destroying enemy vehicles using weapons or by forcing them off the road. After an initial lead-in time during which the player has an unlimited supply of cars, the player must earn extra cars by obtaining sufficient points. Destroying non-enemy cars halts the score counter for a short while, and no points are scored whenever the player’s car is off the road. The car can be destroyed by a hard collision with another vehicle, if it is hit by an enemy weapon (including the craters blasted into the road by the helicopter’s bombs), or by running far enough off the roadway (or waterway).

Following periodic forks in the road, players can enter new regions with different terrain or weather conditions. Players can also augment car’s standard machine guns with other weapons by entering the weapons van, which appears in each new territory and can be periodically summoned by pressing the blinking “Weapons Van” button. Three special weapons are available: oil slicks, smoke screens, and surface-to-air missiles. Each has limited ammo and are lost if the player’s car is destroyed. The game’s dashboard shows which weapons are available, when lit.

It is possible for the player to convert the car into a go-fast boat for brief periods by driving through a special boathouse which appears infrequently at the side of the road after which the player is attacked by two different enemy boats.

The in-game road is endless and the game itself has no ending

The NES version had average graphics and sound, the gameplay was very similar if not identical to the arcade version, so if you liked the arcade version you would like this. I thought the gameplay was tedious to be honest after a while. The control mechanism was easy enough to use on the NES although sometimes the speed of the game became a bit too fast


I give this game a score of 50%


Ten additional cars:
Press Right + Select + Start at the title screen to begin game play. Allow the timer to reach zero without crashing to receive ten cars.

All weapons:
Hold Select + A + B, press the center of the D-pad, then press Start at the title screen.

Super car:
Hold A + B + Select + Right and press Start at the title screen. Ten cars and all weapons will be available.

GameGenie codes
SXKAYOVK : Infinite lives
SZKUANVK : Infinite missiles
VXELTVSE : Infinite smoke
ZEEXKIAA : Start with 2 extra lives
TEEXKIAA : Start with 6 extra lives
TEEXLILA : Double missiles on pick-up
YAEZNIYE : Slow down timer
GXSAKUSE + GXSANUSE : Keep special weapons



Spyhunter on the NES
Spyhunter on the NES
Spyhunter on the NES
Spyhunter on the NES




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