Dr Mario on the Nintendo 64

Dr. Mario 64 is a falling block tile-matching video game.

The playing field is represented on-screen as a medicine bottle populated with viruses of three colors: red, blue, and yellow.

Points are awarded when viruses are destroyed.

There are several single-player modes present in the game:

Classic – This mode features a similar set-up and design to the original Dr. Mario game.
Story – In this mode the player may take control of either Mario or Wario to track down the stolen Megavitamins, battling computer players on the way.
Vs. Computer – In this mode the player may battle against the computer as any character the player has played as or fought against.
Flash – In this mode the player must eliminate three particular flashing viruses faster than the computer.
Marathon – This mode consists of a never-ending rising field of viruses which does not end until the player quits or loses.
Score Attack – In this mode the player is given three minutes to clear all of the viruses as well as get a high score.