Poker Faced Paul’s Blackjack and Poker Faced Paul’s Poker on the Sega Game Gear

Poker Faced Paul's Blackjack on Sega Game gear

There were actually four games in the series – Poker Face Paul’s Blackjack, Poker Face Paul’s Gin, Poker Face Paul’s Poker, and Poker Face Paul’s Solitaire.

To be honest these were not that good and the splitting of these games into 4 seems like it was a cash grab, maybe a casino game would be better

Graphics are not up to much but then its cards and a green table and sound is poor as well – these just come across as low quality efforts

Poker Faced Paul's Blackjack on Sega Game gear

Rather than 2 individual pages, put them on one – I couldn’t face it to play the other 2 games in the series

Poker Faced Paul’s Blackjack

Poker Face Paul’s Blackjack is a card game where the player starts out with a certain amount of money on the Las Vegas Strip and play in a series of blackjacks games to either win big or bust.

The player can choose to play in four different casinos and can select options on how they play including how much bets are worth and how many decks are used. The game will also help the player out with the rules and regulations of blackjack.

Poker Face Paul’s Poker

There are two versions of Poker to choose from: the standard five-card stud where the player competes against computer opponents in an attempt to get a good hand such as a straight, flush, etc.

Video poker is the second option where the player goes at it alone, but still with the same objective as five-card stud trying to assemble a winning hand, however since the player is alone they receive a certain amount of money according to the hand they assemble.

There are also instructions that help the player out.