NHL 98 on Sega Mega Drive

This was the 7th NHL game (yes the 7th). Graphically the game was very good, the sound effects and music were good as well and most importantly the gameplay was excellent – the computer wasn’t impossible to play against but yet again it wasn’t a push over to play against. It was not impossible to score in the game and from a realism point of view all the NHL teams are there with the correct line-ups.



Hidden teams:

Hold A + B + C + Start at the game menu screen until the team selection menu appears. The EA Sports and THQ Inc. teams may now be selected.

Quick game:

Hold down A + C and select a regular game or to continue the season. Keep those buttons held, select a team, and press Start. Release the buttons to begin game play with thirty second periods.

Special moves:

Press Start, then press the D-Pad in any direction when controlling a player that has a special move.

Opposing team roster select:

Use controller two at the screen that appears before the face-off to select the other team’s players. To score easily, select no goalie for the opposing team.


I gave a score of 70%



NHL 98 on Sega Mega Drive
NHL 98 on Sega Mega Drive
NHL 98 on Sega Mega Drive
NHL 98 on Sega Mega Drive




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