Out Run on the Sega Mega Drive

Out Run is a 3D driving video game in which the player controls a Ferrari Testarossa Spider from a third-person rear perspective. The camera is placed near the ground, simulating a Ferrari driver’s position and limiting the player’s view into the distance.The road curves, crests and dips,[10] which increases the challenge by obscuring upcoming obstacles such as traffic.The player’s car cannot suffer damage from a collision, but will be slowed down and thus lose time.

The object of the game is to reach one of a variety of destinations against a timer. If the timer reaches zero, the game ends. The player periodically encounters checkpoints near junctions, which add time to the clock. At each junction, the player must choose one of two directions, each of which lead to different environments.

The graphics were good with nice sprites and backdrops, the sound tries to stay faithful to the arcade classic but is not quite as good. The game may be too easy for fans of racing games and to be honest the rather solitary game play can be boring. There are better racing games on the Sega mega Drive than this.


I give this game a score of 60%


Hyper difficulty:
Press C(10), then enter the options screen. A new “Hyper” difficulty level that allows faster acceleration will be selectable under the options screen.

View ending sequence:
Enter ENDING as a password.

Secret ending:
View the endings after all five goals. Press Start after the ending for the fifth goal to view an alternate ending and credits.

Hyper options:
Press Start at the title screen, then press A(11), B(3), C(8). The hyper options selection, with “Stage Select” and “Mode Select” options, will now be available. The mode select options are as follows.

Mode Effect
1 Collisions disabled
2 Timer disabled
3 Modes 1 and 2 active
4 Display debug codes
5 Modes 1 and 4 active
6 Modes 2 and 4 active
7 Modes 1, 2, and 4 active
8 Unknown
9 Modes 1 and 8 active
10 Modes 2 and 8 active
11 Modes 1, 2, and 8 active
12 Modes 4 and 8 active
13 Modes 1, 4, and 8 active
14 Modes 2, 4, and 8 active
15 Modes 1, 2, 4, and 8 active

GameGenie codes
2 : RY4T-A6ZJ : Infinite time to complete race
3 : BE2A-AWAY : Start with 99 seconds–hard and normal levels
4 : AA2A-ANAY : Start with 60 seconds–hard and normal levels
5 : BE2A-AWAJ : Start with 99 seconds–pro and super levels
6 : AA2A-ANAJ : Start with 60 seconds–pro and super levels
7 : BE2A-AWAR : Start with 99 seconds–easy and super easy levels
8 : AA2A-ANAR : Start with 60 seconds–easy and super easy levels


Out Run on the Sega Mega Drive
Out Run on the Sega Mega Drive
Out Run on the Sega Mega Drive
Out Run on the Sega Mega Drive




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