Smash Tennis on the SNES

Smash Tennis has two modes: Exhibition and Tournament. Both modes can be played in Singles or Doubles. In exhibition mode you pick your player and a rival, pick your court. The different characters have differnt traits which you have to factor in but there are no licensed players in this game, just made up players

Graphics and sound were good and most importantly the gameplay was good, the computer opponent did not feel like it was the number one player in the world, as usual the most fun is 2 players modes. there are some humorous touches in the game and in exhibition mode there are a wide range of interesting courts to choose from.


I give this game a score of 70%


American Open:
Press X, B, A(2), Y, A, X, A.

Asian Open:
Press A, Y, A(2), Y, X, Y, A.

Australian Open:
Press X, A, B, A, Y, A, Y, A.

European Open:
Press A, X, B, A, Y, X, A(2).



Smash Tennis on the SNES
Smash Tennis on the SNES
Smash Tennis on the SNES
Smash Tennis on the SNES



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