Super Punch Out on the SNES

The gameplay in Super Punch-Out!! is similar to that of the NES version.

The player controls a nameable boxer as he fights his way to become W.V.B.A. Champion. The player controls the boxer from a third-person perspective, with him being translucent on the screen. Players can attack their opponents with jabs to the face or with body blows from either hand.

The opponent can deflect punches, so players must aim at the opponent’s open spot to connect. Depending on the opponents’ stances, they will guard themselves differently, so players need to use the correct punches.

Players can avoid attacks from their opponents by dodging to the left or right or by ducking, but players cannot punch while dodging or ducking, nor can they duck body blows.

They can also block attacks to either the head or the body,[7] but they cannot block strong punches; strong punches must be avoided by dodging or ducking. Depending on the situation, the player must strategically block, dodge, rope, or duck in order to avoid an opponent’s attack.

Players can capitalize on the opponent’s attacks by launching counter-punches immediately after avoiding an attack.

Both the player and the opponent have stamina meters, both displayed on the top of the screen. The meters decrease when either boxer gets hit by a punch. Boxers will get knocked down if their stamina meter runs out. Faster knockdowns will cause that boxer to recover less stamina upon getting up; the same happens if a boxer is knocked down by a knockout punch.

Either boxer will lose if they cannot stand up before the count of ten after being knocked down resulting in a knockout or if they are knocked down three times in the match resulting in a technical knockout.The player can also recover some stamina while the opponent is down by pressing the buttons on the controller.

The player has three minutes to knock out the opponent. After three minutes, the match ends, and the player loses; the player cannot win by a decision. After losing, the player can use a continue and fight a rematch. The game ends after all continues have been used; the player must fight all opponents in the current circuit again.

The game consists of four circuits in which the player must become the champion. The player can retry any circuit that has already been beaten.

The game has a battery–backed memory in which players can save their data and records for future play.


Effect Code
Enter your name in Japanese Highlight ”New Game” and press X+A.
Sound Test When the Nintendo logo appears, hold the L+R buttons on Controller 2. Listen to the sound effects and music with Controller 1.