Super Smash TV on the SNES

The plot of the game involves a dystopian television show during the then-future year of 1999, where one or two “lucky” contestants must shoot their way to fame and fortune; the show is filmed in front of a live studio audience with broadcast via satellite worldwide.

The goal of the game show is to kill or be killed, and once all of the challengers in each arena have been massacred, the contestant(s) will proceed to survive the next gauntlet.

At the end of the game is a showdown with the show’s host where players are finally granted their life and freedom. Among the game’s items are keys.

If enough are collected, players can access a bonus level called the Pleasure Dome where players can “collect” hundreds of scantily clad women akin to other prizes in the game

A different game, quite challenging and fun


Effect Code
Extra Lives and Continues On the Player Select / Skill Select screen, enter this code: Down, L, R, Up
Kill all Enemies Enter the stage select code first. Begin playing. Press and hold Select
Sound Test Mode On the Player Select / Skill Select screen, enter this code: L, R, L, L, R
Speed-Up Code At the player/skill selection screen, press left, right, left, up, R, R
Stage Select Press Right, Right, Up, Down, R, L, and Start on the Player Select Screen.
View the Hidden Credits When the Beam Software logo appears, press and hold buttons L, R and B.