World Masters Golf on SNES

This video game features four gouraud shaded courses in order to produce continuous shading of surfaces represented by polygon meshes.

There are various modes of gameplay including: tournament, match play, and practice. There are created golfers and the option for the player to create his own. The game allows golf handicapping.Up to eight players can play. There is a Mode 7 view camera that follows the ball after it is hit.Basic information like the wind speed, distance to the flag, the number of shots required to make par on a hole, and the number of shots already made on a hole are shown while playing the game

I found the game hard to play, that might be me. Not one of my favourite golf games with less than convincing ball movement and extremely average graphics and uninspiring audio

As usual we have some screenshots and a video for you to make up your mind.


I give this game a score of 55%


World Masters Golf on SNES
World Masters Golf on SNES
World Masters Golf on SNES
World Masters Golf on SNES



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