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Batman Returns on the Atari Lynx

Batman Returns on the Atari Lynx is a side-scrolling action-beat ’em up game where players take control of Batman through four increasingly difficult stages fighting against multiple adversaries such as the Red Triangle Gang in order to stop both Catwoman and the Penguin from spreading terror across Gotham City as the main objective.

In the first stage, Batman must face off the Red Triangle Gang with Penguin as the end level boss.

The second stage pits Batman against the police on the rooftops with Catwoman as the end level boss. The third stage is about defeating Penguin’s forces in the sewers, while the Penguin is fought for the last time in the fourth stage.

Along the way, Batman can grab a variety of items to aid him on his journey against enemies such as batarangs and bat-shaped health pickups.

Play the game


Enter cheat mode at the title screen, then the others while paused.

Effect Code
Invincibility Press Option 2 while paused.
Level Skip Press Option 1 while paused.
Unlock Cheat Mode. Up(8), Down(12), Left(15), Right(19), Option 1(27), A

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