BattleWheels on the Atari lynx


BattleWheels is a first-person vehicular combat game similar to Interstate ’76 and Twisted Metal where players assume the role of warriors taking the wheel of heavily-armored automobiles in an attempt to kill other opponents at the titular sport to emerge as a winning victor of the match.

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic dystopia on the year 2019, where the world has been reduced to a Mad Max-inspired setting and humanity has now turned towards more violent sports for entertainment as a result of both technological advancements and nationwide reorganization of the political structure that led to the creation of new kinds of sports, with the titular BattleWheels being the most popular of all.

This arena-based combat sport pits up to six warriors dueling each other and driving heavily-armored vehicles named Hi-Tech in order to kill the other opponents to emerge victorious.

Play the game


Infinite Ammo

Select the male driver with blonde hair and pick the tan car, but keep the highlight box around the car. Then hold OPTION 1 and press button A, and your car will become red with a black hood. Now the car will have infinite ammo and rapid fire on all weapons during gameplay.

Invisible Car

Select the female driver with short blonde hair and pick the green car, but keep the highlight box around the car.Then hold OPTION 1 and press Button A, and your car will become black. Now your car will be invisible during gameplay.

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