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Barnyard Blaster on the Atari 7800

The goal of this game is to rid the farm of vermin by successfully hitting targets using the light gun in each of the game’s three areas. These areas include, the barn, cornfield, and barnyard. The player must take out all enemies on screen by using less than 40 bullets. This forces the player to improve accuracy each round. If the player runs out of bullets before eliminating all critters, the game ends.

There is a fourth bonus area called “Gramp’s bonus screen.” This area allows players a chance to improve their shooting skill and earn extra points. This area is unlocked each time the player completes the other three areas successfully.

Players are assigned a rank based on how many screens were completed before the game ends. The rank ranges from “total dud” when zero screens are completed to “blaster” when a minimum of 33 screens are completed.

This game can be played either with 1 or 2 players

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