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Raid on Bungeling Bay on the NES

Raid on Bungeling Bay is a 2D shoot ’em up. The player controls a helicopter launched from an aircraft carrier to bomb six factories scattered across islands on a small planetoid occupied by the Bungeling Empire, while fending off attacks by gun turrets, fighter jets, guided missiles, and a battleship.

There is also a hidden island for the player to reload on. Failure means that the Bungeling Empire develops a war machine to take over the planet Earth. Players have to attack its infrastructure while defending the aircraft carrier which serves as home base.

Over time, the factories grow and develop new technologies to use against the player.

In order to win the game, the player must prevent the escalation by bombing all the factories as quickly as possible, keeping them from advancing their technology. If left alone for too long, the factories create enough new weaponry to overwhelm the player.

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