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Rad Racer on the NES

Rad Racer is a racing game developed and published by Square in 1987.

In this game, players drive a Ferrari 328 or a generic Formula One racing machine through a race course.

Players can choose between two types of car to race, either a 328 Twin Turbo or an F1 Machine, and then tries to complete eight driving stages.

Competitors vehicles get faster as the levels progress and include VB Bugs to Ferrari Testarossas.

Players cars can accelerate up to 255 km/h, brake, steer, attempt to pass their opponents and knock them off the road. Hitting any obstacles or other cars can cause the players’ vehicle to flip and crash.

Levels vary in location from Los Angeles, San Francisco, as well as the Greek Parthenon.

Players have a simulated dashboard that indicates how far through the race they have gone, and a small checkered flag indicates when they have completed the race.

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