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Play Biomotor Unitron on the Neo Geo Pocket Color

Biomotor Unitron is a “dungeon crawler” RPG with pseudorandom dungeons. The player controls a robot called a Unitron, and walks through the dungeons fighting battles to earn money and experience. The experience boosts stats for the player character, and their “control” of the Unitron, but not the Unitron itself. There is rather a system of parts upgrades. The upgraded parts can be purchased, or “developed” using existing items, “tools”, and “materials”.

The game has a fairly standard HP system. Instead of MP, there is EP, and EP is consumed with every action in battle. EP regenerates with every battle. In the game, there are initially four dungeons and a town. Each of the four dungeons that are initially available, has elemental affinity, and seven floors.

Each dungeon’s layout, rather than being truly random, is selected from multiple preprogrammed layouts. The town is menu-driven, with access to “Works”, where you equip parts, develop parts, and save data.

There is also a shop, and there are multiple areas you can visit to talk to the townspeople. Some of the townspeople provide stat boosts, or will sell items to you. Finally, there is an arena in town, where you can fight other Unitrons for money, prizes, and many levels of advancing rank. The game has two main goals.

The first goal is to build your Unitron up as much as possible. The second, is to clear the first four elemental affinity dungeons, and then clear the final dungeon, finishing the game.

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