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Play Shanghai Mini on the Neo Geo Pocket Color

Shanghai Mini has three game modes: Classic Mode, Tournament Mode, Dynasty Mode.

-There is no time limit in the classic game of Shanghai.
When you cannot find any tiles to match during a game, call up the menu using the Option button to find a removable tile, return to your previous move, change the tile layout, or change the game difficulty.

Tournament Mode
-This mode has 12 continuous stages for you to challenge.
There are time time limits to each stage. A “Game Over” will occur if you become “Deadlocked” during the play of the game, or all tiles are not matched within the time limit.
There is a story screen for each of the stages. Press the A button to scroll through the message text on the story screen.

Dynasty Mode
-This mode allows you to play against the computer or challenge a friend. Use power tiles to hinder your opponent. The first player to clear their tiles is the winner.

VS. Mode
-This is basically the 2 player mode of the game.

Play the game


Level Passwords

Effect Password
10th Level ROV
11th Level QOM
2nd Level STR
3rd Level GCM
4th Level FBI
5th Level UFO
6th Level BXR
7th Level MJK
8th Level DTH
9th Level LIW
Final Level ANY

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