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Puyo Pop on the Neo Geo Pocket Color

Generally, the objective of Puyo Puyo games is to defeat your opponent by causing the third column from the left of their side of the screen to become filled with Puyo. Puyo are round, slime-like creatures that, in most variations of the game, fall from the top of the screen in groups of two, three, and four. The pieces can be moved, dropped, and rotated as they fall.

The piece falls until it reaches another Puyo or the bottom of the screen.

When four or more Puyo of the same color line up adjacent to each other, the Puyo will connect to each other, “Pop”, and disappear.

The Puyo above those that are cleared fall onto other pieces or the bottom of the screen. Simultaneous Pops are created when more than one group is formed at a time.[citation needed]

A Chain is made when falling Puyo cause a new group of Puyo to Pop, making a chain reaction. When a Chain is achieved, Nuisance Puyo, or Ojama Puyo are sent to either clog the opponent’s screen or to cancel out the Nuisance Puyo sent by the opponent.

Nuisance Puyo are translucent pieces that disappear when Puyo are popped next to them. If multiple groups of Puyo are cleared in succession due to a chain, the amount of Nuisance Puyo will increase based solely on the number of steps in the chain.

Nuisance Puyo are cached above the opponent’s playing field, and do not fall until the attacker’s chain concludes, and then the defender puts down a piece. Nuisance Puyo block the opponents’ playing fields, and can cause them to lose if one is placed the third spot from the left in the top row

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